Monday, 25 April 2016

UNILAG Student Union Suspended With Its Executives & Legislative Council Dissolved

The University of Lagos Student Union (ULSU) has been suspended with it's executives and legislative council dissolved by the University's Senate after they considered the report from the Investigative Panel as well as recommendations from the Committee of Provost and Deans in view of the violent & disruptive nature of the April 2016's students protest.

The Senate which has given the directive for the institution to be reopened on the 2nd of Mayalsopromised to review the ULSU Constitution and toinclude conflict resolution mechanisms, such asestablishment of Judicial Arm and Financial Guidelines, which shall be the prelude for subsequent elections into ULSU offices.

The Senate further warned the students that locking of the School Gate or Invasion of any facility during any protest (which had become the norm) is now prohibited and students who violate this rule would be expelled.

This however doesn't sound right to some students as they are protesting on Social Media that the school is trying to trample on their rights. They feel the Undertaking and Indemnity Form that the school demanded they fill and get notarized will prevent them from demanding for what is supposed to be right.

According to some, even Parents and Guardians who are to complete the Parents Indemnity Form for their child/Ward complained about the situation.

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