Tuesday, 26 April 2016

University Of Ibadan Shut Down Till Further Notice Over Student Protest

A widely coordinated protest was held at the University of Ibadan on the 25th of April by the National Association of Nigerian Students (Oyo State Chapter). This was done in solidarity in behalf of a student , Tunji Epketi Micheal also known as MOTE whom they say the University unjustly rusticated for a semester for gross misconduct.

This situation was however resolved. But by 1am, residents of ZIK Hall and Independence started another rampage due to the fact there was no electricity and water supply on campus. This massive protest continued in the morning, with certain individuals with masks on involved in the protest.

This mask-wearing then triggered the University authority to close the school for security reasons. The management had ordered all students to vacate all Hall of residences and academic activities should be suspended till further notice.

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