Thursday, 12 May 2016

How To Cope With Stress In The University

Every student at one point of their education will experience stress in the university. Getting up in the morning can be difficult knowing the day is going to be stressful. Tom (not real name), in his days in college was like a battle. He said "My happiest moments were weekends. On Sunday nights, tension begin to set in." Just like tom, many other students do have similar issue. This is because of stress at school.

There are reasons why student experience stress in the university. Let us examine some of the potential causes of school stress.

Stress induced by teachers

It is the desire of every good teacher that every of his student do well in his subject. Hence they give assignments upon assignments, this makes the student to be occupied with academy work. Also, students want to gain the approval of their lecturers so they go beyond all odds just to have good grades. Sleepless nights studying is very common among the university students. Lack of sleep increases stress.

Stress induced by peer

Been in the university, you have your freedom. Parental restrictions are limited, so many students live their lives carefree. Sex, dating and party is often the result of this independence. For many students who are from good homes, the pressure to join other students in these acts is extremely high. No one want to be seen as the odd one. Christine (not real name) said "I have so much stress from been pressured to date and engage in sex. Everyone was doing it and no one want to be ridicule."

Stress induced by expenses

As a student you need to meet up to certain financial obligations. The cost of education is rapidly increasing and as such some students had to work to pay for accommodation, textbooks, feeding and many more. Trying to achieve all of this can increase the stress at school.

How to Reduce Stress at School

Undoubtedly, you cant escape school stress but you can manage it. Consider the following steps

Identify the causal factor

Without identifying the cause of a problem, there can hardly be a solution. So too without identifying the specific causes of your stress at school, you may never be able to cope.

Never Procrastinate

So common among students - procrastination. They leave so many things unattended to. Whatever problem you leave today awaits you tomorrow along with other ones. So why not deal with it today and reduce the stress in tomorrow. Don't stock pile assignments, it will only increase your stress. Always begin reading on time, do not wait when examination is near. Do not try to become a perfectionist, it will increase your stress. Lastly, never try to follow the crowd.

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