Monday, 23 May 2016

WAEC Student Shot Dead By An Armed Robber In School Hostel

A student named ANTHONY CHISOM who took his WAEC examinations waiting for his NECO exams to start was shot dead last night at his school hostel. The students in the school hostel said last night as they were sleeping, a man ran to the hostel banging at the hostel door saying he was been chased by thieves.

The students had pity on him and opened the door for him not knowing he was a thief. When he came in he demanded for a cup of water.

The students gave him after which he brought out a gun and robbed the students. Fortunately for Anthony Chisom he escaped from the hostel and went for the coppers lodge in his school to call for help.

The so called thief ran after him shot him on his waist and the bullet touched one of the copper who came out to rescue the students.

The student ran and tried to scale through the school fence. The thief shot him down the fence and left more than 10 bullets on his chest.

News later came up that the boy was the only child of his parents. The parents said they took the boy to live in the school hostel for his safety & to protect him from people who were aiming for his death but all to no avail.

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