Monday, 11 July 2016

EKSU Students Second Semester Examination Delayed Due To Remonstration

The Ekiti State University Students 2nd semester examination has been delayed due to the remonstration of the academic unions (NASU, SSANU, NAAT) of the university.

The remonstrating unions representatives, while speaking with EKSU SU PRESS, Progress FM, and other press corps said: "the remonstration is to express their grievance to the State Government, over the non payment of subvention to the university since last year December.

The unions emphasised their commendation to the Vice Chancellor who has been vigorously striving to ensure their salary payments remain consistent..Sequel to this saga, the Students' Union President, Com. Oladimeji Ibrahim (Prodigy), while intervening to the issue, expressed that "Nigerian Students should not always be at receiving end over issues between Staff Unions and the government."

The Students' Union president vehemently expressed his aggression at the Staff Unions for staging a demonstration when Nigerian Students are to commence their examinations.

He addressed Nigerian students to remain calm while other Unions meet over the cancellation of the demonstration before 12:00pm today.

Conclusively, the Student union president has vowed to lead his own protest tomorrow, if the situation remains unresolved in favour of the examination commencement.

---EKSU SU Press

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