Thursday, 29 June 2017

University of Ibadan, UI resumption date and the commencement of the first semester 2016/2017 academic session examinations.

University of Ibadan, UI resumption date and the commencement of the first semester 2016/2017 academic session examinations.

I welcome all undergraduate students back to the Campus after the postponement of examinations occasioned by the unfortunate students’ protest of May 29, 2017. As you may be aware, since the suspension of examination, there have been numerous productive engagements by many stakeholders of the University with all  agreeing  on one basic fact: The University should reopen as soon as possible and all parties should earnestly work to fulfill the vision of the University. It is in this regard that I want to reinforce the appeal made at the beginning of the session that as you return to the Campus, you should join hands with the University Management to ensure that there is no further disruption of the academic calendar.

As I noted in my release before the May 29, 2017 protest, this session has been unduly extended and any further extension will not in any way be in the interest of the students and the entire university community.The revised academic calendar occasioned by the five-week break implies that the current session is expected to end on 29 January, 2018; this already has far-reaching implications for our final year students who should normally proceed to the Law School or the National Youth Service Corp Scheme during the last quarter of 2017. There are others seeking admission to foreign Universities and who may not be able to do so as a result of the extensions which have resulted in the irregular academic session.

 In addition to the other regular hours, the University Librarian has made arrangements for the Kenneth Dike Library to open from 8 am to 4 pm on Saturdays, and from 2 pm to 10 pm on Sundays. The Director of Works will also deploy mobile generators to strategic lecture theatres for students who may be interested in overnight readings.

It is gratifying to note that from the reports reaching the University Management, the vast majority of students are very willing and eager to return to the Campus and sit for their First Semester Examinations as already contained in the revised Academic Calendar which has been published on the University Website (, there are reports that a few students are still inclined  towards further disruption of examination and other activities. This surely is not in the interest of students or the University as a whole. Once again, I assure you that the University Management is open to continuous dialogue on issues affecting student’s welfare.

It is crucial to think of life as a journey, which definitely does not end in the university. It will be my joy for you to excellently complete this phase of your life, start a good job on graduation, such that you can be great ambassadors of the University and make meaningful contributions to the development of our dear country.

The University of Ibadan is our pride; it is the pride of our nation, Nigeria. Let us join hands in keeping up the greatness associated with our University.This can only be achieved in an atmosphere of peace. I wish you safe trip back to the University on Sunday, 2nd July, 2017 and my best wishes in your examination.

Professor Idowu Olayinka

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